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Rock, Paper, Scissor in the form of a turn based strategy game.

The game is played in a hot-seat multiplayer fashion.
You and a friend take turns on the same PC playing the game.

Since we couldn't finish the tutorial in time here's a quick summary of the game mechanics:


The HUD color matches the color of the currently active player.



Both players take turns placing their individual units. The spawn area for the active player is highlighted.
Select a unit type to place in the bottom bar and place units with RMB. The amount of units per type is limited.


Click on units to select them and move them by using RMB over one of the highlighted movement choices.
When hovering or selecting units the clone meter is displayed. It increases for every round that the unit is not moved.
If units do not move for 3 turns they can be cloned by selecting them, pressing "Replicate" and using RMB over the
desired position for the cloned.


Rocks can jump a fair distance and attack all enemy unit types.


Paper is a slow mover, however, it can deflect rocks attacking it or its neighbours twice (the second deflection kills the paper).
Additionally, paper can consume rocks in their immediate vicinity.


Scissors can only move horizontally and vertically. They destroy all units they move through, however, 
they cannot harm rocks.



MMB to Rotate View
WASD to Move
Scroll to Zoom

Unit Selection

Left Click to select unit
Right Click to move/attack/place unit


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Rock, Paper, Scissors & Knuckles (Windows x64) 27 MB
Rock, Paper, Scissors & Knuckles (Wndows x86) 25 MB